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Return to Pitcairn Island

This summer I am returning to Pitcairn Island to fulfill a dream of photographing the interior of the cave known as Gudgeon.

The entrance to Gudgeon is barely above the surface. You can see it in the center in the photo

The tiny entrance from inside the cave

The only photograph I was able to take because of the near total darkness

The photos shown here are of the trip I made into the cave in 2013. The cave is so large and dark that none of my flash or lighting worked to light up the cave.

This cave is so rarely visited that when I asked who was the last person that went inside I was told it was me 5 years ago.

There are no quality photographs taken of the interior so on this trip not only do I want to take pictures of the whales around Pitcairn but I would like to document the interior of the cave. 

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